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Tren Extreme is truly regarded as one of the most powerful synthetic prohormone formulas ever designed. The actual anabolic which Tren Extreme converts to is trenbolone, one of the most highly regarded formulas for increasing strength, power and size.Its effect on visual conditioning has no rival and results are seen in only 3-4 days.

Tren Extreme is in a class of compounds that we refer to as non-aromatizing. This simply means that there is no conversion to estrogen which can result in water retention, gynocomastia and other negative and adverse side effects.

Tren is extremely clean and produces rapid gains in size, vascularity and overall conditioning. It’s an excellent addition for anyone on a cutting cycle and can be combined with Testobolan or Epistane for what could easily be called the most potent hardening and defining cycle available.

Suggested Use: 3 Caps Per Day for a maximum of 12 weeks. Tren should be used a minimum of 4 weeks. Each bottle contains a 4 week cycle.

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