Camala Rodriguez-McClure

IFBB Figure Pro

 CPT- nutrition coach 10+years & an athlete the majority of my life. I am inspired daily just by the physical body, mind, spirit connection which continues to mold me into a woman that god intends me to be. By setting an example to those around me and sharing my experience I meet men and women on the regular that inspire me to keep going, keep pushing, and keep making strides to sculpt the "perfect" physique.


Full Name

Camala Rodriguez-McClure


Denver, Colorado



Off Season Weight


Contest Weight

130-132 lbs

Contest History

2010 Phoenix Pro -3rd
2010 Arnold Classic Fitness International- 6th
2010 Europa Orlando - 1st
2010 Ms. Fitness Olympia - 10th
2011 Arnold Classic Fitness International- 4th
2011 New York Pro Fitness - 1st
2011 FIBO Fitness Pro- 3rd
2011 Ms. Fitness Olympia- 9th
2011 Ft. Lauderdale Cup- 1st
2012 FLEX Pro Fitness- 8th
2012 Arnold Classic Fitness International 2nd
2012 Valenti Gold Cup- 2nd
2012 Ms Fitness Olympia- 9th
2012 Arnold Classic Europe Fitness International- 8th
2012 Ft Lauderdale Cup (1st Pro Figure)- 3rd
2013 Ms. Figure International- 6th
2013 California Pro Figure- 1st
2013 Omaha Pro Figure- 2nd
2013 Ms. Figure Olympia- 7th
2013 Houston Pro Figure-1st (Olympia qualified 2014!!)
2014 Ms. Figure International-3rd
2014 Pittsburgh Pro-1st 
2014 California Pro Figure-1st
2014 New York Pro-1st 
2014 Ms. Figure Olympia-13th

Diet and Workouts

Diet: Off Season and Pre Contest Diets stay fairly consistent throughout the year the only difference is carb rotation and a decrease in fatty proteins leading into contest
Workouts: Off Season I get to indulge in a more isolated heavy strength training regimen on particular muscle groups that I want to see improvements on and Pre Contest I generally work more on a more conditioning style of circuits in my strength training regimen

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