Chris Freeman


I was born in Kentucky, lived for several years in Missouri, but settled in San Antonio, TX at the age of 14. Here, first I graduated from high school, then graduated from UTSA with a B.S. in Biology, and lastly graduated from UIW’s Feik School of Pharmacy with my Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). As said before, my passion for working out and fitness stems from my early years as a highschool wrestler, football player, and basketball player. Seeing my physique grow through fitness and sports further fueled this passion. Since then, my physique has been a series of negative and positive transformations depending on what my biggest priority in life was at the time. However big or small, one thing I can say is working out has always been a priority in my life. I have many goals ahead but a few them include getting to step on that Olympia stage one day, exploring a niche where fitness and pharmacy intersect, and becoming an awesome dad one day and an even better husband.


Full Name

Chris Freeman


San Antonio, TX, U.S.A



Off Season Weight

193 lbs

Contest Weight

175 lbs

Contest History

2012 Rock Extravaganza – Overall winner
2012 Dallas Europa – 1st place class A, Overall winner
2012 NPC Nationals – 8th place class A
2013 South Texas Showdown – 1st place class A, Overall winner
2013 Texas State Championships – 1st place Class A
2014 Team Universe Championships – 9th place Class B
2014 IFBB North Americans – 4th place Class B
2015 NPC USA Championships – 3rd place Class B
2015 IFBB North Americans – 1st place Class B, Overall winner, Earned IFBB Pro Card

Off Season Training

It use to be divided into Chest/tri’s, Back/bi’s, Shoulders, Legs, Rest, Repeat…during prep I switched to a Push day, Leg day, Pull day, rest, repeat. The latter I found very effective in maintaining and even making some gains. This will be the one I continue into my offseason.

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