Matthew Schmidt

NPC National Leve Competitor

My name is Matthew Schmidt, I'm from Michigan and I'm 30 years old. I did my first show when I was 21 while attending college at Western Michigan University. I won 1st in the light heavyweight class but didn't get the overall. I've done 3 shows after that and won my weight class and overall at all 3. In between my bodybuilding shows I've done some powerlifting. Always in the220lb weight class, I've won every powerlifting competition I've ever done, in using Worlds in Vegas in 2013. My best ranking was 5th in the country for the RAW 220's. I'm currently ranked as the number1 RAW powerlifter in Texas for the 220's. Powerlifting has definitely helped my bodybuilding career, and that's where my heart is at. I'm a Federal Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. I train every muscle group once a week, and muscles I want to work on I fit in twice a week.


Full Name

Matthew Schmidt


Laredo, TX, U.S.A



Off Season Weight

235 lbs

Contest Weight

215 lbs

Contest History

2006- NPC Kalamazoo Show: 1st place light heavy division
2010- NPC Kalamazoo Show: 1st place light heavy and overall
2014- Mr. Laredo: 1st place heavy weight and overall
2015- NPC Battle on the Bay: 1st place heavy weight and overall

Off Season Training

Heavy weight 6-10 rep range with some isometric work occasionally to shock the body

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