Achy Joints, Male Pattern Baldness
and Lost Muscle Mass

What Can You Do to Prevent all 3?

July 19, 2022 |  Aaron Garza

Hey Guys,

It has been said that there are few things in life as certain as Death and Taxes. 🤔
Unfortunately, we all know this to be true.

But…there are a few other things we can also count on as we age:

-Achy Joints
-Less Muscle and More Fat
-Baldness or Thinning Hair
-Less Strength

Geez Aaron… thanks for the "Up-Lifting" email!

Sorry, I’m not trying to be all Doom and Gloom, but I had a realization this weekend while attending my Father in Laws 90th Birthday Celebration.👴
Pretty much every man there was dealing one of the problems above… without question!

I told myself, "Aaron, that could be you in 30 years… or you could do everything in your power to Reverse the Aging Process!" 🛑

I choose to "Reverse the Process," and that starts with one thing. Supplementing with Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides.
Collagen Peptides are the building blocks of hair, cartilage, and muscle tissue. As men (and women) get older we stop synthesizing collagen and as a result experience joint pain, thinning hair, wrinkled skin, and muscle tissue breakdown! 🙅

We can"Reverse" these effects by adding Collagen Peptides to our diet daily. 👍

Taking 7-10 grams of collagen daily can help:

-Combat Male Pattern Baldness
-Help Build and Maintain Lean Muscle Mass
-Improve Joint and Cartilage Health
-Promote Heart Health

Collagen peptides provide the vital structures of your skin, hair, tissue and even arteries. In fact, studies showthat if your body isn’t producing enough collagen, then your arterial structures become weaker and weaker over time.🫀

When I designed our Collagen Peptides, I made sure that it had the 5 Types of Collagens which have been clinically proven to produce results. ✋

We also added "Hyaluronic Acid" for maximum benefits in skin health, hydration, and it’s Anti-Aging effect. We kind of created the "Ferrari" of collagen and even more importantly, it tastes delicious! 😋

Like really good!

So… having said that, my goal is to dance like this at my 90th birthday party.  Who’s coming with me? 🤣
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Call us: 1-800-632-1402 📱

In Strength and Health,

Aaron I. Garza

Author : Aaron Garza

Pureline Nutrition Founder

Having retired from the sport in 2004 he decided to use his contacts, knowledge and education to formulate the products you will find on our website ( and at Pureline Nutrition retail stores. In just a few short years Pureline Nutrition has grown into a significant retail presence in Southern Texas with 7 retail locations as well as over 150 + product skews. Pureline also has developed strong world-wide distribution and online sales channels.

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