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Changing This One Simple Thing

(Which Requires Very Little Effort…)

July 14, 2022 |  Aaron Garza

Hey Friends,Let me ask you a question, if there was one simple thing you could do that would drastically change the way you look, think and feel would you? 🤔

I’m not talking about changing your diet, modifying your workouts, or even taking different supplements.

I’m talking about something so simple that all it requires on your part is just doing it.

This One“Hack” has been Clinically Proven to:

-Decrease Illness
-Improve Fat Loss
-Reduce Stress and Cortisol
-Improve Thinking and Problem-Solving Ability
-Improve Communication
-Drive Healthy Hormone Levels
-Increase Lean Muscle

And so much more!!

Now… I know what you’re thinking… it sounds too good to be true right? 🥱

You’re right, and you know what else is going to blow your mind?
It doesn’t cost a dime. It’s Absolutely FREE! 👀

“Ok so what is this magic you speak of Aaron?”

It’s not magic, it’s a tool that mother nature gave us to help “Reboot” our systems and start each day Fresh, Happy and Energized.

If you haven’t already guessed it, It’s SLEEP. Sleep is the most underrated natural performance-enhancing mechanism in the universe.
Whether you’re a man or woman, Sleep is essential to a productive life. If your goal is to put on lean muscle, then Sleep becomes the most “Anabolic” part of your program.

It is the time when hormones are released, muscle is repaired and The Growth Processis initiated. 💪

If you’re a woman and you goal is Fat Loss, then sleep plays a crucial role. In fact, studies have shown that when women who are dieting cut back on sleep… their ability to lose fat drops almost 55%!! 😮

So… the question becomes how can you improve your sleep every night?

For years I’ve been using a combination of Melatonin, and something called Phellodendron Root. 🍃

This little combo puts me to sleep fast… even after the most stressful days. The nice thing about it is it stops my head from spinning (stops the compulsive thinking) and puts me into a calm relaxed state.
A while back I got tired of buying every ingredient separate so I put together a little formula that had Melatonin, Phellodendron, 5 HTP and GABA.

I usually take 2 capsules of what I refer to as “REM-RX” about 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep, and it puts me into the “Dreamiest” state I’ve ever experienced. 💊 💊

If you have even the slightest bit of trouble sleeping, then I highly recommend trying this!

In fact, you can find it right here:
Did I mention that it leaves you feeling restful, alert, and ready the next morning?

It doesn’t give you those wicked morning hangoversyou typically get from pharmaceutical sleep products. 🥱

Nothing is as satisfying as restful night of deep REM sleep. Hope this helps!

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In Strength and Health,

Aaron I. Garza

Author : Aaron Garza

Pureline Nutrition Founder

Having retired from the sport in 2004 he decided to use his contacts, knowledge and education to formulate the products you will find on our website ( and at Pureline Nutrition retail stores. In just a few short years Pureline Nutrition has grown into a significant retail presence in Southern Texas with 7 retail locations as well as over 150 + product skews. Pureline also has developed strong world-wide distribution and online sales channels.

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