The 3 Laws of Muscle Growth 💪

May 31, 2023 |  Aaron Garza

Yesterday I went to the gym for my traditional “Memorial Day Leg Workout”. It just so happened that my gym was packed.

It was full of “Young Bucks” from about 16-30yrs of age that were training their butts off! 🏋️

There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s freaking awesome to see so many guys and gals hitting the gym, but what I did notice was that most of these guys were still training as I left the gym. 😮

Here’s the thing, a truly effective training session should take no longer than 1 hour. Any longer than that and intensity levels drop, hormones begin a steady decline, and you’re no longer in “Muscle Growth Zone!”

In fact, you start eating into precious recovery and you get further from your goal of muscle growth and fat loss! 😡

I said to myself, “I used to be the same way,” I would work out for hours on end thinking that more was better! The truth of the matter is that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. 💯

So, with that I sat down and came up with “The 3 Laws of Muscle Growth” that will help you get the most from your training sessions!

💪Law 1 –Weight Training should be done for no longer than 1 hour.

If you’re training with intensity and working hard (with 1 minute rest between sets,) then one hour is absolutely all that is necessary to product the stimulus needed for muscle growth. Sure,you can do cardio after you train for an additional 20-30 minutes toaccelerate fat loss, but actual weight training should take no longerthan one hour.

💪Law 2– Focus on Lowering the weight rather than lifting the weight.True tension and muscle activation happens during the eccentric or “lowering” portion of the rep. Thisis where the most muscle tension occurs and where true growth producingstimulus happens. Try slowing your rep range down to 4-5 seconds on thelowering portion of your reps and you’ll be surprised by how difficultit becomes. This is where muscle tissue is stimulated, and where truegrowth is created.

💪Law 3– Take advantage of the “Anabolic Window” post-workout.There is a window that you can take advantage of immediately aftertraining. This window is open for 30-40 minutes after your last rep.It’s during this window where you can stimulate a “Cascade” of hormonal responses that will lead to muscle growth and body composition change. However,these only occur when you combine the right compounds at the righttime. This works whether you’re a male or a female. The combinationbelow is what I’ve found most effective for both males and females. 💪


2 Scoops Whey Isolate (Isofactor 1)

5 Grams of Creaload Creatine

5 Grams of Glutavol Glutamine

2 Scoops of Bio Factor Natural Carbohydrate Source


1 Scoop Whey Isolate (Isofactor 1)

5 Grams of Creaload Creatine

5 Grams of Glutavol Glutamine

1 Scoop of Bio Factor Natural Carbohydrate Source

Now the key to getting this within the 30-Minute Anabolic Window is to have the ingredients in a shaker bottle ready to mix as soon as you walk out the gym.

Simply add 8-10oz of cold water, shake it up and drink! 🔑

I promise you, if you take advantage of these 3 Laws of Muscle Growth you will see amazing changes in your physique.  👀

Especially if you’re utilizing these Laws in conjunction with proper diet, rest, and supplementation.

Below are the products necessary to properly take advantage of the “Anabolic Window!”

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Remember, it’s not about training harder it’s about training smarter!

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you with your training and nutrition program. 👍


In Strength and Health,
Aaron I. Garza


Remember to use Promo Code: WINDOW15 for 15% Off  all the products needed to help you take advantage of the Anabolic Window!  This week only! 🔥 🔥

Author : Aaron Garza

Pureline Nutrition Founder

Having retired from the sport in 2004 he decided to use his contacts, knowledge and education to formulate the products you will find on our website ( and at Pureline Nutrition retail stores. In just a few short years Pureline Nutrition has grown into a significant retail presence in Southern Texas with 7 retail locations as well as over 150 + product skews. Pureline also has developed strong world-wide distribution and online sales channels.

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