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Wegovy – Why Everyone’s Talking About It…Is it Worth It?🤔

November 9, 2022 |  Aaron Garza

I hope you had a spectacular Halloween; Iknow I did. As usual my family and I gathered around the TV, downed afew burgers, and watched the newest installment in what seems like thenever-ending Halloween Movie Franchise. 🎃🔪

To be completely honest it wasn’t that great… it took a while to build up and just didn’t have the SHOCK VALUE that most of the others had. But one thing is for certain, Michael Myers is DEAD!  And unless he can come back from being crushed by a metal grinder then I doubt we will be seeing him again. 🤷

Speaking of Shock Value, everywhere I turn people have been asking me if I’ve heard of Wegovy or “SemaGlutide.” 

Tobe honest, I hadn’t heard much about it until a few months ago but nowit seems like it’s everywhere. In fact, Elon Musk, the Kardashians, andother celebrities have allegedly used it to burn a ton of fat and lose weight rapidly. 🔥

Idecided to do a little video about it and discuss what it is, how itworks and whether you should check it out… You can watch that videobelow.


Wegovy’s Main Effects Are:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Slowed Digestion
  • Sugar Metabolization

The science shows thatWegovy’s biggest benefit is its ability to help suppress appetite for upto 7 days after an injection. It sends a signal to the brain thattricks the body into feeling

full. 🧠  

This restricts the number of calories you would typically consume by as much as 40%. 

Withthat type of calorie restriction your bound to lose weight. Now here’sthe important thing to remember, Wegovy doesn’t discriminate between fatand muscle. You will burn both due to a lower caloric intake.🔥💪

So…with that in mind you, you will need to be certain you aresupplementing with a good Whey Protein so that you can keep yourhard-earned muscle and the metabolism boosting benefits that go with it.🫵🏼

We’ve got you covered with our newest and most delicious Whey Protein to date:

Salted Caramel Wfactor One Whey Protein


This is without a doubt the most delicious protein I’ve ever tried, in fact I’ve used our Isofactor 1 for years, but when this came out, I ended up switching over and haven’t gone back… yes, it’s that delicious. 😋

Let me know what you think about the Wegovy Video andif you or anyone else you know has had experience using it. Also makesure that if you are using it, you don’t lose muscle while you’re on it!😎

Lose fat but retain lean muscle, that’s the secret to long term weight management. 👌

Call: 1-800-632-1402


Have A Powerful Week,

Aaron I. Garza


Author : Aaron Garza

Pureline Nutrition Founder

Having retired from the sport in 2004 he decided to use his contacts, knowledge and education to formulate the products you will find on our website ( and at Pureline Nutrition retail stores. In just a few short years Pureline Nutrition has grown into a significant retail presence in Southern Texas with 7 retail locations as well as over 150 + product skews. Pureline also has developed strong world-wide distribution and online sales channels.

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