Boost Your Health with 3 Essential Supplements! 

The 3 Essential supplements that you should add to your daily routine are Body Armor/Diva Daily, Vitamin D and Pure EFAs. This daily routine will bolster your immune system and give your body all it needs to Super-Charge your Health.

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Body Armor - Vitamins - Pureline Nutrition
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Diva Daily - Vitamins - Pureline Nutrition
Body Armor

This is a full spectrum natural vitamin and mineral supplement that gives your body everything it needs for optimized health. Many of the micro-nutrients in these two products are missing in most people’s diet. Especially if you’re not getting in enough nutrients through food (common for people on weight loss programs, think Semaglutide!)

Take 2 Capsules of Body Armor (Men)

Diva daily

Diva Daily is unique in the sense that it not only contains a full spectrum of “nonsynthetic” vitamins and minerals but also a very substantial female hormone support blend.

Diva Daily also has a very specific energy and immune system support blend to enhance natural consistent energy peaks throughout the day and a strong immune system which can fight infection and sickness.

Take 2 Capsules of Diva Daily (Women)


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Vitamin D3 - Vitamins - Pureline Nutrition
Vitamin D3

The importance of Vitamin D3 for both men and women cannot be overstated. It has been proved to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, strengthen bones, promote heart health, optimize hormone levels and do much more. This is an absolute must, and I can feel a difference when I don’t take it daily.

Use 5000iu/ day, but you can adjust your dose based on what you feel is best for you.


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Pure Essentials – EFA’s - Vitamins - Pureline Nutrition
Pure Essentials EFA Complex

This is an Essential Fat Complex that I use daily. Essential Fats are necessary as we don’t always get them in the foods we eat, and we don’t produce them in our body. Getting older requires you keep an eye on heart health and essential fats are essential to helping one achieve this. Along with brain health, skin health and nerve health, essential fats play a massive role in helping your body stay healthy and well.

Take 3-4 softgels daily with food but you can adjust your dose based on your needs.


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