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HYPERX Launches Friday 9.29.23 - Get VIP Early Access


are you tired of Pre-workouts Failing to Live Up to Their Promises?

It’s about having a “Balance of The Right Compounds" in order to get effective, powerful and lasting energy.

“Precisely Balanced” Pre-Training formula

With HyperX You Will Feel:

  • A New Element of Mental Focus

  • A Controlled Amount of Energy for the Workout

  • Increased Blood Flow and Vascularity

It's time to experience a “Precisely Balanced” Pre-Training formula

Other Pre-Workouts

  • Loaded with synthetic stimulants

  • Get you wired and then cause a massive crash soon after

  • Leave you feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated

  • Get you anxious, affecting your sleep

  • Precise balance of the right compounds

  • Clean and smooth energy that doesn’t cause a crash

  •  Just enough energy to get you through the toughest workouts

  • Improved blood flow, circulation and endurance

See What Others Are Saying...

“I felt zeroed in and mentally focused, with zero crash...”

HyperX went to work in 15 minutes and made me want to get to the gym and train. It was if I had slept for 12 hours and was rested, energized, and ready to GO!! 🔥

The training session itself was effortless, it was as if time passed faster, the weights felt lighter, and my body felt balanced.

 I didn’t feel like I needed to jump on the treadmill and run a mile or workout for hours. Instead, I had a deep and controlled mind/muscle connection that made each rep feel smooth and each set seem easy.

The blood volume formula built into the formula was enough to give me a great pump after just the second set and there was a noted hint of vascularity that didn’t disappoint. 💪

I felt zeroed in and mentally focused. It felt like I was able to communicate more fluidly, express ideas more vividly and was generally just in a much better mood. There was no drastic crash, just a slow taper over the course of the day followed by a great night’s sleep.


HyperX - Pre-Training Formula

  • Controlled Long Term Focus 

  • Clean and Smooth Energy That Doesn’t Cause a Crash

  •  Just Enough Energy to Get You Through the Toughest Workouts

  • Improved Blood Flow, Circulation and Endurance

2 delicious flavors made:  Green Apple 🍏 & Berry Bomb 🍓

Money Back Guarantee!

If you use Hyper X for (1 week) and don’t agree that it’s one of the best pre workout formulas you’ve ever used, then send or bring the un-used portion back and we will give you a FULL REFUND… no questions asked! 

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