Are “Ultra-Sensitive” to stimulants? Don't worry we've got you covered!

We have stacked together the best "Stimulant-Free Fat Loss Agents!"

Most of these work in ways like their stimulant-based cousins.

✅ Increase Metabolism

✅ Enhance Fat Loss Mobilization

✅ Suppress Appetite

✅ Help Improve Your Fat Loss Results

 Improve Metabolic Health

 Increase Thermogenesis or Body Heat

But most importantly, they don’t cause the Jittery, Shaky, and sometimes uncomfortable feeling that you might get from stimulant based fat loss products.

Below are My Top 3 “Stimulant Free” Fat Loss Compounds 💥

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Lean FX - Liquid L- Carnitine Fat Loss Activator - Fat Burners - Pureline Nutrition
Lean FX

The LeanFX “Blast the Fat Stack” was designed for those individuals who demand the absolute fastest and most powerful Fat Loss enhancement available period! This stack uses a multi pronged approach to help completely SHED fat and help eliminate the most stubborn forms of fat from male and female bodies.

LeanFX goes to work during exercise to literally move fat from its stubborn pockets to cells where it can be burned during your training or cardio. It works quickly and elegantly to literally vaporize fat.


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Thyrotropin T3 - Fat Burners - Pureline Nutrition
T3 - Thyrotropin

Thyrotropin works by increasing the rate that the thyroid gland burns calories. The thyroid gland, also known as the metabolic furnace, controls not only hormones but also the amount of calories burned. When stimulated it can increase the metabolic rate by an additional 50-60%.


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XP2G P.M. - Fat Burners - Pureline Nutrition

XP2G PM formula was designed to be used alongside XP2G as a nightime fat-loss stimulator. Along with XP2G, the PM formula will help stimulate and mobilize stubborn bodyfat while an individual rests.

A blend of two groundbreaking amino acids work together to increase nightime relase of Growth Hormone which in turn stimulates the metabolic rate and produces an increase in caloric expenditure. This in turn results in weight loss.


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