Fat Burning Formula

  • Keep Your Late-Night Cravings in Check:  No more battling late night snacking.

  • Burn Calories While You Sleep:  Lower cortisol levels and unlock fat-burning potential.

  • Get Restful Sleep:  Stimulant-free formula for your body, making night-time fat loss dreams come true.

Designed for Powerful, active women committed to living a healthy lifestyle!

Diva Heat is designed with you and your fat loss goals in mind.  Get rid of stubborn fat!

Diva Heat Night Time offers an exclusive formula of raspberry ketones, white kidney beans, melatonin, and l-tryptophan.
Diva Heat Nighttime: Consume 2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime.
For optimal results, we suggest using these products consistently for a minimum of 8 weeks!


Promotes restful sleep and helps regulate sleep-wake cycles, eases the symptoms of sleep disturbances, acts as an antioxidant, potentially protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Raspberry Ketones

May increase the breakdown of fat cells, can help reduce food cravings, provides potential health benefits through its antioxidant content.


Can improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression, supports better sleep quality and deeper rest, may help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

White Kidney Beans

Inhibits the absorption of carbs, aiding in weight management, may help regulate blood sugar levels, supports healthy weight loss by reducing calorie intake

Diva Heat Night Time was designed to help keep your metabolic rate on track while slowing down the rest of your body. 

Diva Heat Night Time will suppress cortisol and help keep fat burning on track while you sleep.

Experience some of the many benefits of Diva Heat Daytime:

  • Promotes Feeling of Fullness, Reducing Overeating

  • Supports Weight Loss and Maintenance

  • Increases the Rate of Fat Burning

  • Helps Reduce Food Cravings

  • May Assist in Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

  • Historically Used to Suppress Appetite

  • Elevates Mood, Reduces Stress, and Potentially Lowers Blood Pressure

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